Welcome to GOOD CO-OP, my name is Mike and I’m a co-founder here. We’re a startup cannabis bakery located in California's favorite farm-to-fork city, Sacramento, and every day we get up bake the most delicious tasting brownies in the world.

Now granted, I haven't tried every brownie in the world, but these are pretty freaking good. And not only are they “stop whatever you’re doing and try one” delicious but they have pot in them! What a time to be alive.

Being from California, cannabis is nothing new and neither are pot brownies. And yet the industry has been operating with a wink and a smile since long before we were born. There has been no innovation in cannabis edibles simply because it was scary to work in cannabis. There were medical dispensaries, but like, could you still get arrested? Who knows, it definitely made us nervous though.

Then election day 2016 happened. We woke up, were surprised that the country was still standing then went immediately to work. Cannabis was no longer illegal. What exactly did that mean? It meant that we could build relationships with the same quality ingredient vendors that any other food company used. Conversations went something like this:

GOOD: Hi, we’re starting a cannabis brownie company and we’re obsessed with your Coucher Du Soleil - 72% cacao dark chocolate. Do you mind if we use it in our brownies?

Premium Chocolate Vendor: Do you mind if we camp out at your bakery and eat samples all day?

GOOD: Not at all.

Premium Chocolate Vendor: Great, then yes.

And on and on. The reality was that the majority of California were fans of cannabis. Some more openly than others, but Prop 64 didn’t pass with a supermajority by accident. So now cannabis food products could be developed just like any other food product - without our friendly local police department interrupting our temperature controlled double boiler. (Double boilers kept at a controlled 88 degrees fahrenheit are the perfect way to melt chocolate btw :) To summarize: with prop 64 passing the world of innovation for cannabis edibles was opened up and we decided to begin where it all began - the pot brownie.

Now this is the part where I reveal all of our secrets.

Why do our brownies taste so good, and why should you drop what doing and come to our bakery to try one? Just like the Bi-Rite ice cream we wait in line 45 minutes for, it comes down to what goes into it. Our brownies taste incredible because we found the best possible ingredients to put in them. (Not really a secret actually. Sorry.)

Premium chocolate for its smooth finish, vanilla from Mexico City for its aromatic and floral notes, butter from Marin County sourced for its high fat content, whole grain dark rye flour because of its rich nutty flavor profile, and last but not least grass-fed cannabutter straight from Humboldt County. Our cannabutter is made in one of the most beautiful parts of this great state - Humboldt County - down the street from other famous Humboldt food companies including Dick Taylor Chocolate and Cypress Grove cheese.

Four months, over one hundred brownie variations, and ten pounds gained from taste testing, later we’ve developed the most unparalleled pot brownie of all time.

GOOD news for you is that our brownies have low amounts of THC in them -10mg to be exact. While this will certainly have you feeling GOOD, you can rest assured that it won’t send you streaking through the park.

Finally these brownies are consistent. My co-founder Pete isn’t able to call himself a food scientist for nothing. Each brownie will consistently have 10mg of THC each and every time, or he’ll come to your apartment and prepare a five course tasting menu meal for you.

GOOD brownies are part of a new wave of cannabis edibles coming to the patient folks of California. Thank you for waiting so long - find us on

Mike Appezzato